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in unprecedented times

April 24, 2020

Call-out for dance-theatre short films

The Tanja Liedtke Foundation (TLF) was established in 2008 to honour the German-born dancer and choreographer, Tanja Liedtke. The foundation aims to foster and develop Australian and European artistic connections. As a way of contributing to the online arts-community and providing support, in times when many artists are in need, the TLF invites Australians residing in Germany to create short dance-theatre films (3-5 min) for exhibition. Tanja Liedtke infused her real-life experiences into her often comical or witty work, we invite you to do the same...

These are unprecedented times, and there is brilliance and darkness. Out beyond the facts, the hearsay, the figures and the rules, lies our humanity. There’s lightness and shade in all of it, from every angle. How are the days dancing-by with you? Where do you find yourself, what do you see? Has something been stimulated or awoken? Put it in a short dance-film, and share it!

The first 25 eligible entries* will receive a 100€  commission for their submission. 15 films selected for online-viewing  will receive a further 300€ euros for their shorts. Extra rewards of  800€, 600€ and 400€ euros will be handed out to the top-three films.  Your creativity could earn you up to 1200€.

Any questions about the project and about submissions please contact: tanjaliedtkefoundation@gmail.com or +49 (0) 176 5687 6578

If you’d like to get creating and submit a piece, please click the link below

Eligible Entries*

  1. Your dance-theatre short film is made since COVID-19 affected your life 
  2. You’re an Aussie in Germany and you have a European bank account
  3. You own presentation rights to all material (audio/visual/text etc) in your film 
  4. You’ve filled out the submission form completely
  5. Your film file size is maximum 5GB & received by 23:59 May 15th 2020
  6. You’ve confirmation that your film has been downloaded via online file transfer or shared via Dropbox to; tanjaliedtkefoundation@gmail.com 


Be well, keep creating.
Paul @ the Tanja Liedtke Foundation