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Tanja Liedtke Foundation

Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
August 2019

Twelve years have passed and the sadness and pain has not vanished but the fruitful work of the Foundation has inspired so many young artists thanks to Tanja.

Georgia Gilson, Geoffrey Watson, her Excellency, the Ambassador Mrs. Lynette Wood and Gerlinde Liedtke. Photo: Gabi Beier

The Australian Ambassador visits the Tanja Liedtke Fellow 2019 at adaStudio in Berlin

We were pleased that her Excellency the Australian Ambassador to Germany Mrs. Lynette Wood and her assistant Mrs. Georgia Gilson took the time to visit the adaStudio at Uferstudios in Berlin to be informed by Gerlinde Liedtke about the work of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation. The Ambassador was very interested to learn about the projects of the foundation with regard  to Australian/German cooperation. Geoffrey Watson, Fellow 2019 had the opportunity to explain the development of his new choreography and Gabi Beier, Artistic Director of the Studio talked about the chances for young artists to show their work at NAH DRAN during the Tanz im August Festival of Berlin. The Ambassador was then invited to attend  the performance of Geoffrey later  in the month.

Oscar Buthelezi (standing) with Muzi Shili. Moving Into Dance in ROAD by Oscar Buthelezi. Performance in Cape Town for the Baxter Theatre Dance Festival. Choreography: Oscar Buthelezi. Photo:Oscar O’Ryan

Winner of Choreography Competition in Hannover

Quote from Oscar Buthelezi

“I’m absolutely humbled to receive the opportunity to be partake in the residency of the Australian Dance Theatre. Never did I think I would be granted this amazing opportunity but now that it’s in the pipeline I’m extremely thrilled and looking forward to. It almost feels like time is going slow.  I’m overly excited to work closely with everyone at ADT and to share knowledge”

Charmene Yap. Photo: Peter Greig. www.dancemagazine.com.au/2019/08/charmene-yap-steps-into-a-new-role-at-sdc/

Congratulations to Charmene Yap

We want to congratulate Charmene Yap to her exciting new role at SDC and thank her for her nice words, she gave in an interview with Dance Informal Magazine, which we want to let you know:
„Tanja Liedtke definitely had a huge influence on me when I met her in my last year at WAAPA, and she really, really inspires you. I met her when I went to Taipei to do a three-week workshop in Taiwan, called The Taipei Idea. And Tanja Liedtke was one of the guest teachers. So I enrolled in her dance theatre course, which was something that I had never touched ever. And she was just so inspiring. She pushed me in a different direction and opened up an awareness of the potential that was inside me. She worked hard, and she expected hard work as well. She was an incredible force of nature that I was happy to have had at least a moment with“


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