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Tanja Liedtke Foundation

Tanja Liedtke Foundation
August 2017

Tanja Liedtke 1977 - 2007

We, the friends and family, will remember a 10-month old Tanja standing on her little stumpy legs for the first time. The arts world will remember her dancing on stage with those same legs, now long and slender.
We will remember a one-year old birthday child with curly blond hair holding a little colored ball between her fingers. The arts world will remember those same long limbs gracefully moving through the air describing her vision for the next scene.
We will remember a six-year old directing her friends to private shows at home. The world will remember her brilliant Choreography of understandable modern dance performance.
And all of us could leave it at that - memories of the past, pictures from by-gone years, articles about her success and tragic death in fading newspapers - hopes to what might have been.
Or we could take those pieces and reconstruct new dreams into a world without Tanja, the person, but a world reflecting her vision.
For Tanja, Contemporary Dance was meant for all of us. It was to communicate a message, which the casual theatre could understand. In her early pieces, such as „For ever You“, the topics were of love and relationships. As she matured, the messages became statements, bolder almost forceful. First in the highly acclaimed „Twelfth Floor“ where she analyzed group behavior in a closed space. Followed by „construct“ where she spoke about building and destructing of career, home and family. Her next piece would have tackled the environment.
Seeking inspiration for this piece, she attended Bangarra Dance Theatre performing „True Stories“ in Sydney. Returning late and full of new ideas, she turned to her usual place for reflection. Walking along the dark and abandoned streets of her favorite city, Sydney, her mind was integrating those ideas into her vision for an understandable yet complex piece on the environment. Here, her vision ends.
The Tanja Liedtke Foundation has been established in 2008 to re-construct this vision in her name and take it around the world. True to her legacy we want to pass her patience, generosity and love to the next generation.

Tanja Liedtke Foundation


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