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Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
December 2019


Internship for three dancers at Dance Company Nanine Linning (DCNL)

Sergio Indiveri, Luca Cappai and Milan van Ettekoven had been invited to join DCNL for the performance of ENDLESS SONG OF SILENCE

We are convinced that this internship with such an excellent choreographer like Nanine Linning will be a unique opportunity to learn and get inspired for the dancers.
The work is touring Germany and the Netherlands at this time.

All three dancers wrote lovely thank you letters, please find a line from Luca:
“Furthermore I believe one of the biggest achievement of your association is not only related to us (supporting students who are becoming professional), but it represents a huge support for Art itself. It increases the chance of enriching the dance field and evolving our wonderful form of communication with more and more artistry”

Current cohort of Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year - Photo credit: Pedro Greig

Teaching - Life in Movement

Since 2012, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation's inspiring dance program has been delivered to hundreds of young dancers all over Australia. Facilitated by artists who worked very closely with Tanja, this workshop program explores the processes of dance making while drawing on some key inspirations that led to the making of fully produced works, such as Twelfth Floor and construct and often includes the viewing of Life in Movement.

In September 2019 the current cohort of Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year were given the opportunity to view the documentary Tanja: Life in Movement. Showing this documentary to young artists who did not know Tanja personally but knew her by reputation is always very moving. As they learn about  the person that Tanja was, with all her passion, determination, sense of humour, and the quiet intensity of her creative practice, they cannot help but be inspired. The documentary was preceded by a talk by Shane Carroll who provided some further background to Tanja’s story, the documentary makers, and the artists who appear in the film and are a key part of Tanja’s story.

This was followed by a workshop with Kristina Chan, a key collaborator of Tanja’s and now one of Australia’s most renowned independent artists. More workshops are to follow with other artists who worked with Tanja, such as Craig Bary.

In the meantime, Paul White is frequently being engaged by the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt to conduct sessions where he teaches excerpts of Tanja’s repertoire.

Experience Report danceWEB 2019 Vienna, Alice Heyward

"To return to Impulstanz this summer for the danceWEB scholarship, this time in the role of the 'frog' was strange and glorious. My experiences from 2016 were vivid and thick in my mind and body, from such a unique cohort and group dynamic. I felt nervous upon arriving..."


Artwork on the wall of Tanja Liedtke Studio

Tanja Liedtke Studio

October – December 2019

  • "Alchemia Exteriores" - 12-14 August; and 19,20 September - Matt Shilcock (Artist in Residence)
  • "Billy-Ray" - 23-27 September & 11,15,16 October - Daniel Jaber (Artist in Residence)
  • "SUE" - 28 August; 10-12 September; 27 September - Carlie Angel & the dance students of Adelaide College of the Arts
  • Creative practice - 1,2, 8 October - Lewis Major (Free space)
  • "IceBox" - 3 & 7 October - PoeOne
  • Training - 11 August & 1 October - Thomas Fonua (Free space)
  • Development of a new work - 21 October – 1 November - Narelle and Marlo Benjamin
... more

We are looking forward to the next year and many great dance performances.

Love and best wishes for our friends and supporters. We wish you all a happy and successful future.

Tanja Liedtke Foundation

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