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Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
December 2020

Image from video of workshop at SDC

Video of workshop at SDC

Since 2012, the ‘inspiring dance’ program has introduced young dance students to Tanja Liedtke’s creative processes and repertoire, and provided a platform to share Tanja's very unique life story.

Led by artists such as Kristina Chan, Amelia McQueen and Craig Bary, these workshops have evolved over the years, adapting to the times and the students who engage. Over the last 4 years, the 'inspiring dance' program has been delivered to the Pre-Professional Year (PPY) students of Sydney Dance Company - the company that had selected Tanja as its Artistic Director in 2007.

To be able to work with Linda Gamblin, Director of the PPY and her students, to share Tanja’s story and enable the students to respond creatively to the ideas that inspired Tanja’s works has been one of the most rewarding projects for the Tanja Liedtke Foundation. We thank Linda, SDC, and the students for this partnership - and we also thank the wonderful artists - Kristina, Amelia,  Craig and everyone who has contributed to this program.

Please find the link below and enjoy the class.


Top left: construct danced by Aline. Bottom left: Solo from Rapid Eye Movement. Right: Aline Aubert

Deutschlandstipendium has gone to  Aline Aubert (BA Tanz), 7. Semester.

The dutch-french student enjoys contemporary choreography at HfMDK and said:

"For me, dance is a passion which I follow every da, why I decided to leave Amsterdam and come to Frankfurt to become a professional dancer. I am currently entering the fourth year of my studies. The coming year is meant as a transition between the university and the professional field. (...) Another goal for the fourth year of my studies is to continue working on my own projects and I also want to keep collaborating with other artists on creative projects.”

See the work at:  facebook.com/watch/?v=222723235658103


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2021.

Tanja Liedtke Foundation


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