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Tanja Liedtke Foundation

Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
July 2020

Kimball Wong and Marlo Benjamin

Special streaming of construct

As a very special addition to their digital ADAPT season, Australian Dance Theatre are streaming construct, on August 7 2020.  Tanja Liedtke, as an exceptional dancer, and later choreographer, began her professional career at ADT, as part of Garry Stewart’s inaugural ensemble. In 2017, to mark the 10th anniversary of Tanja's passing, Australian Dance Theatre, remounted her final work, construct.

construct is about how we build a life, a family, a home. And how after building it up it can all just somehow fall apart, but what remains is the imprint of its history through the relationships we have forged over time.
Join ADAPT to watch:  adt.org.au/adapt/construct


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