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Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
July 2021

In this unpredictable times we want to work even harder to give the artists energy and financial support to survive and be creative.
The many projects running at the moment have different outcomes. Some we can enjoy others we have to wait for better times that they can be put into effect.

35. International Choreographic Competition Hannover

Since six years we enjoy the cooperation with The International Coreographic Competition in Hannover. This year Marco Goecke, the Ballet Director at the Staatstheater of Hannover awards our production price for the first time. The award includes the development of a 15 minutes choreography with the dancers of the theater.

James Bachelor and dance partner (Photo: James Bachelor)

James Batchelor - Shortcuts to Familiar Places

James is an Australian 29 year old choreographer currently living in Berlin trained in Australia. He came up with the study of the German modern dance pioneer Gertrude Bodenwieser who immigrated to Australia.
Shortcuts to Familiar Places - James said: “I will explore how these threads continue to weave through my body today and relate to the contemporary context.  The generation that grew up in the first decades of the twentieth century felt itself to be on the threshold of a new era. Perhaps today we are once again. For Bodenwieser, dance was a picture and mirror of the temper and spirit of her time”

Alice Heyward (Photo: Alice Heyward)

Alice Heyward is at adaStudio

Alicia choreographed at the residency at the adaStudio during June and July and will perform her work on:
Friday 9.July at 18.00 - the first performance of “reinkommen”  with audiences since more than one year. With great relive and happiness we invite you to follow the virtual performance for free on adaStudio

Onur Agbaba

Vienna - the danceWEB Scholarship

After danceWEB had to skip this event last year, we are pleased that the danceWEB Scholarship will take place. For one month Onur Agbaba a young and very active Choreographer and dancer living in Berlin will go to Vienna in July to participate in this so much invigorating scholarship with the additional opportunity to participate in the ImPulsTanz Festival of Vienna. We wish him all the best and can’t wait for his report.

Aline Auber - construct (Photo: HfMDK)

HfMDK Frankfurt - Deutschlandstipendium

Aline Auber finished her year as a recipient of the Deutschlandstipendium at the Hochschule from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.
It was very challenging as the theatres were closed and performing on stage out of reality. They managed to perform in open air and in a huge garage of an apartment. Have a lock what they did on YouTube
We wish Alina Auber a bright and positive future.
For the coming year the Foundation has agreed to support the next dance student for 2021/2022.

Dance Film - Wuppertal Tanzrauschen

We hoped the premiere of the movie from Tanzrauschen -cancel culture- would take place in June, but with all the changes in the Lockdown situations we have to wait till September.

Tiana Lung, Billy Keohavong and Georgia Van Gils rehearsed by Kristina Chan (Photographer: Nerida McMurray. Events Agency: Eventify)

construct in Sydney

We were very happy that Kristina Chan presented parts of Tanja’s construct at the Regeneration Gala in Sydney. One of the few life performances made possible in this unpredictable times. It was a great success and we want to thank Kristina for her extraordinary work.

Immersion by Adrienne Semmens Dancers - ADT (Photo: ADT)

Convergence at ADT

It was with great pleasure to see Convergence life on stage with the work from the choreographer in residency at the Tanja Liedtke Studio at ADT.
The performance started with the work of the three winners of the International Choreographic Competition Hannover and was followed by:
Iti meaning Baby in Anangu P Y  language, choreographed by the Members of the South Australian First Nations Dance Collective (SAFNDC) and led by Artistic Director Gina Rings. It was a mesmerising performance.
Followed by Adrianne Semmens (Australia) with Immersion, created for and danced by the ensemble of ADT. Immersions, centred on water draws on Adrianns identity as a proud descendent of the Barkindji people.

Chunky Move

Unfortunately the prepared performance Yung Lung choreographed by Antony Hamilton, Fellow 2009 and now artistic director at Chunky Move, couldn’t take place because of the forth Lockdown in Melbourne.

Stay well and keep going!


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