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Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
July 2016

In this newsletter we would like to give you a personal update from our first two Tanja Liedtke Fellowship winners –

Antony Hamilton and Katarzyna Sitarz.

Looking back, we started the Fellowship program with the aim to be able to offer challenging and inspiring creative development opportunities for young artists and we are thrilled to see the impact that the Fellowship has had on our Fellows, and their capacity to take their experiences forward into the next stages of their career.

In October applications will be open for the fifth Fellowship which will offer an extended residency in Berlin. Watch this space for details. 

Melanie Lane and Antony Hamilton - Black Project 1  - Photo: A. Zuckrow 

Antony Hamilton

Tanja Liedtke Fellow 2009

Seven years ago, I was the extremely fortunate inaugural recipient of the Tanja Liedtke Fellowship, an initiative of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation which was established in 2008. I say extremely fortunate, on reflection, because at the time I can admit that I might have had modest expectations of what the Fellowship might foster in my career and life. As an artist and dreamer, and one who lives very much in the moment, I had not deeply considered the long term ramifications the ambitious program of activities that the Fellowship afforded me.  

I certainly felt honoured and hoped to use the opportunity to expand my horizons and build new networks in Europe, given that a major part of the Fellowship was a residency period in Berlin with the acclaimed Sasha Waltz & Guests company who are based at Radialsystem V, one of Berlin’s major contemporary arts centres. 

I can humbly say that I was naive to the potential of the Fellowship, however from where I stand today I can attest that it has surely been the single most important catalyst in my dream of having a serious career as a choreographer and contemporary artist. It has allowed me to springboard into the international arts scene as one of the most successful Australian choreographers in recent years to develop a profile, tour works and create commissions for major international dance companies. I owe much of this, to the Fellowship, and this is the reason why. More...

Katarzyna Sitarz

Tanja Liedtke Fellow 2011

 My experience in Australia as the 2011Tanja Liedtke Fellow was a unique experience which has strongly influenced my view on life, the world and the art of collaboration. In the last five years, it has impacted my focus, field of work and research, my collaborative experiments and creations where sharing artistic responsibility, building a dialog, influencing and inspiring one another has been essential to growing grow something new. More...


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