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July 2017

2017 Pre-Professional Year at Sydney Dance Company.

Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year dancers experience TLF ‘inspiring dance’ program.

The Sydney Dance company is one of Australia’s première contemporary dance companies and their Pre-Professional Year course offers a very unique course for aspiring dancer/choreographers. These young dancers focus an entire year on working with renowned choreographers from around Australia as well as from overseas. 

In May, we were very pleased to support this group of young dancers through our ‘inspiring dance’ program, where they experienced three full days with Kristina Chan and Amelia McQueen studying Tanja’s work, her creative practices and her repertoire. 

The experience had an enormous impact on the group, who had only heard about Tanja but not really examined her work in depth. Kristina and Amelia, who led the workshop, are not only exceptional artists themselves, but they are wonderful mentors to young dancers. It was an experience that was very special to witness and something that the young artists will never forget.   

Read the comments from some of the young artists: 

‘Thank you so much to all involved with presenting us with this opportunity. It is an experience I will carry with me throughout my life and career’. 
PPY dancer. 

'Because of the Tanja Liedtke workshop I am now dancing with a heightened sense of presence, creativity and sensitivity. Though we only spent 3 days in Tanja’s world, the group camaraderie and spirit it created will stand the test of time. Thank you for allowing the next generation to appreciate and delve into Tanja’s creative mind.'
PPY dancer 

‘Without experiencing this workshop, I may not become the confident artist I believe I now can become. It has opened up another world with endless possibilities for me’.
PPY dancer

Narelle Benjamin & Paul White: Cella - Photo: Pippa Samaya

Paul White & Narelle Benjamin’s premiere of Cella in Stuttgart.

On 8 and 9 July, Theaterhaus Stuttgart will host the world premiere of a new dance work, Cella, choreographed by Paul White and Narelle Benjamin.

White and Benjamin’s work is presented as a result of an invitation from the COLOURS International Dance Festival in Stuttgart. Tanja Liedtke Foundation is proud to support these two wonderful artists.  

With music by Huey Benjamin, The Necks and Colleen, lighting by Karen Norris and image and video content by Pippa Amaya, this international collaboration provides European audiences the opportunity to experience the work of two of Australia’s leading dance artists. Paul White was one of Tanja’s main collaborators on the full length works Twelfth Floor and construct, and Narelle worked with Tanja in the late 1990s at Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide.  

‘Our constant emphasis on individuality and the ‘self’ ignores the beauty of our similarities. The most complex patterns imaginable in our biological systems can be found repeated in all of us. Two Australians seek the natural symmetry that surrounds us’. 

For full details and tickets to both performances:

  • 8 July at 19.30
  • 9 July at 20.15

Go to:

Rudi Cole, Gerlinde Liedtke, Nanine Linning and Julia Robert.

The winners of "Choreography 31"

Congratulations to the winners of the International Competition for Choreographers "Choreography 31" organized by the Ballet Society Hannover e.V.

Winners are:

1. Price: "Arba", Nicole Caruana, USA

2. Price: "Decipher", Mohamad Sufri Juwahir, Singapur

3. Price: "Watcher", Hung-Chung Lai, Taiwan

Critics prize: "Watcher", Hung-Chung Lai, Taiwan

Audience award: "Decipher", Mohamad Sufri Juwahir, Singapur

Scapino productionprice: "Arba", Nicole Caruana, USA

Tanja Liedtke Scholarship: "ZERO", Rudi Cole & Julia Robert, Großbritannien

Delattre Dance Company Price: "Decipher", Mohamad Sufri Juwahir, Singapur

Residenceprice Hellerau: "One`s", Diego de la Rosa & Young-Won Song, Spanien/Südkorea


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