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June 2016

Tanz Medial (Mediated Dance)  – dance / film / technology /dialogue.

On 17 and 18 May a unique event took place in Hamburg bringing 40 dance professionals, film makers and film producers together for a special film workshop at the K3 Centre for Choreography followed by a symposium at the Speicher am Kaugfhauskanal.

The event was supported by Tanz Deutschland and the Tanja Liedtke Stiftung.  

This was the first event of its kind in Germany and the first time artists who specialise in creating dance on film and transforming dance to a technological medium could come together to share their practice, their perspectives and engage in discussion about how their work is presented and how dance on film is evolving.

In the workshop on the first day, at K3 – Centre for Choreography (Tanzplan Hamburg) choreographers Antje Pfundtner and Jenny Beyer were joined by the dance filmmaker Andrea Keiz and participants artists.

In the symposium on the second day, at the Speicher am Kaugfhauskanal, filmmakers from throughout Germany and Switzerland presented their films, explained their creative practices and discussed both artistic and technical aspects of creating work as well as the issues that challenge them. more...

Tanja Liedtke Foundation commisions research project by INSA-CONSULERE 

Dancing in School

Bavaria is a Role-Model  

The schools in the state of Bavaria are especially active in the area of dance. This is the result of a survey by the Ministry of Education, which the polling institute INSA conducted on behalf of the Tanja-Liedtke-Foundation.  

In Bavaria, dance is an integral part of annual school sports competitions. Additionally, the state has two schools with a special focus on dance, 52 “dance” sports associations, and 44 sports associations for “gymnastics and dance”. Bavarian students can participate in dance through school gym class and also through the afterschool program “Sports after 1 in School and Clubs”.  

Also in the other German states, the exercise field of dance is well established in the curricula, both in primary and secondary schools. In the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Bremen, and Saarland, dance is firmly anchored in physical education and is also available through extracurricular programs.  

Through their activities in the area of dance in schools, the states are finding great popularity among the population. According to a survey by INSA, two thirds of Germans (66%) believe that children and adolescents should have access to dance in schools as an important form of movement and expression. Good news in this year’s “Year of Dance”.

Volkshochschule Stuttgart - booklet for the 20th anniversary

With the support of Tanja Liedtke Foundation the Volkshochschule Stuttgart created this booklet to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Internationale Solo Tanz Theater Festival 2016.


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