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March 2018

construct on stage in Heidelberg/Germany on 01.03.2018

We want to thank ADT and all the most wonderful people involved to get construct on stage in Heidelberg/Germany.
It was not created to be a rehearsal work, but now it is a building block for dance history and we want to enjoy it as that.
We had full house, most guests stayed after the performance for the Q&A and than for the Documentary Tanja-Life in Movement.

Paul White said after the show:
"It was a great show in Heidelberg. I was so very grateful to have the chance to see the piece from the outside - something I NEVER had imagined!

... and I think they did a great job. I cried and laughed and felt many things during the show - which means it worked!
... and 6 bows of applause!! Who gets that?
... and it was a delight to work with those dancers and the crew."

Please feel free to open the link to the newspaper: 

Kristina Chan and Amelia McQueen with young artists at "inspiring dance"

inspiring dance‘ program 2018

QL2 Dance in Canberra

One of the most enduring ways Tanja’s legacy continues to contribute to the arts is through the TLF teaching program ‘inspiring dance’. This is where the essence of Tanja’s creative spirit is actively being shared today with the young artists of tomorrow. The teaching program provides authentic and first hand learning experiences about the very unique creative process that Tanja developed with her close collaborators. The program has been delivered to several teaching institutions and youth dance organisation since 2011, and we hope to continue the program for years to come.

In January 2018, QL2 Dance in Canberra hosted the inspiring dance program for the fourth time. Fourteen young artists from age 13 to early twenties, spent three days working with Kristina Chan and Amelia McQueen. The program is specific in content, but flexible in application so that a range of experiences and skill levels can be accommodated.

“These workshops have not only given the dancers a grounding in excellent choreographic practice, but also confidence in their ability to step into the unknown and challenge themselves creatively”. Ruth Osborne, Director QL2, 2018.

Tanja’s relationship with QL2 goes back to 1999, when Tanja participated in another choreographer’s residency, then again in 2004 when she developed the first draft of her award winning work Twelfth Floor – the work that would announce her as a significant force in the contemporary dance theatre scene.

TLF is so pleased that this relationship with QL2 continues with the inspiring dance program. Many thanks to Ruth Osborne and Gary Barnes from QL2 for your support, and our endless gratitude to Kristina Chan and Amelia McQueen who deliver this program with so much care and commitment.

Warm wishes
Tanja  Liedtke Foundation


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