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November 2013


Life in Movement – European cinema release

At last the documentary Life in Movement has been released in cinemas in Europe. Following the premiere in Berlin on the 27th of October, the film will be seen across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A full list of cities and cinemas, where this documentary can be seen, can be found at:

If you know anyone living in these cities please feel free to pass this information to them.


Joseph Simons – 2013 Tanja Liedtke Fellow

We would like to congratulate Joseph Simons on his very successful Fellowship program. Joseph made the most of every aspect of the program, meeting and working with local Berlin artists and producing an impressive amount of new and engaging solo work, as well as a final piece First Things First, that was shown as part of adaStudio’s NAH DRAN season.  

"Incredibly funny, intelligent, charming and amazing... Simons instinctively understands timing, surprise, and humour - he is a kind of magician!"
Anna Volkland,

First Things First can be viewed here:

In Frankfurt, Joseph participated in the Tanzlabor_21 Summer Lab, with his work being chosen as one of the works to be showcased on the final day.

It was a great honour to be selected as the 2013 Tanja Liedtke Fellow. It has been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. Learning more about my own personal process and choreographic style, as well as discovering other forms of creative thinking. I’m incredibly grateful to the Tanja Liedtke Foundation for allowing me this extraordinary experience.
I was able to continue my research into uncovering forms of attracting new audiences to contemporary dance by 'letting them in' involved in the creative process. This concept is fascinating to me, because I feel that the audience having an emotional connection to the performance can significantly alter their experience of watching it – and could possibly lead to them becoming a returning audience member. Which is of course the aim, because in any theatrical form, its success is based on people purchasing tickets in the first place AND people returning - either to another work by the same choreographer, or simply to another performance in a similar genre.
The Tanja Liedtke Foundation gave the most incredible experience, and I'm now able to return to Australia exploding with new ideas, and looking forward to exploring my discoveries further”.
Joseph Simons, November 2013


inspiring dance workshops at NAISDA in 2013

In early October, Kristina Chan and Amelia McQueen once again conducted a series of inspiring dance workshops at NAISDA Dance Academy at Kariong on the NSW central coast.

The first series was conducted in 2012, so this year those students were able to develop the work to the next level, while new students were introduced to the work. The outcomes were fascinating and the students’ feedback was extremely positive.

In the second week, a group of young artists from around NSW were able to participate in the workshops. In the Masterclass they learnt some of the choreography of construct – a very challenging solo that, thanks to Kristina and Amelia, they were carefully guided through. It was amazing to see these young artists tackle this very difficult work and achieve such a high level of accomplishment.



David Hughes Dance -  Imploded on UK tour in 2013

ImplodedUne Reverie Romantique, choreographed in 2006 for Edinburgh based David Hughes Dance continues to be part of DHD touring program. DHD is touring UK regions throughout November, and the schedule can be viewed here:


Best wishes to all our supporters,

Tanja Liedtke Foundation.  


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