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October 2017

Lauren Langlois (left) in Berlin.

Lauren Langlois reflects on her Tanja Liedtke Fellowship in Berlin.

Our fifth Tanja Liedtke Fellow, Lauren Langlois conducted her Fellowship program in August. Below are her reflections on the experience.

“The Tanja Liedtke Fellowship has facilitated a pivotal chapter in realising my own creative and choreographic interests. The first stage development for Twenty Forty Six consisted of a series of explorative writing, theatrical and physical tasks to form an elaborate movement language and story-driven world. Like most creative processes, I encountered both astonishing moments of inspiration, and disheartening moments of frustration. I have always had an affinity with process, and revelled in those moments where a kernel of an idea would develop into something surprisingly unexpected. I would walk home feeling dejected some days, only to wake up feeling elated the next. These stages and opportunities for growth were what made this experience transformative for me.

The opportunity to show our 17 minute piece at Nah Dran was an unexpected blessing as it provided a timeframe in which to formulate all we had researched and worked on over the previous three weeks. I decided I wanted to develop a constructed piece of work within the frame of a beginning, middle and ending. In hindsight I realised I could have presented a series of separate choreographic ideas and this would have been fine. However, this pressure to present something whole, resulted in a cohesive performance and a clear idea for a new work which I would love to explore further.

I am grateful to the Foundation for this opportunity, and to my collaborators James, Nicola and Chimene for their hard work, boundless energy and commitment to this development. This Fellowship has provided an opportunity for me to explore and unearth the foundations of a new work and I look forward to the next opportunity to delve further into my own choreographic practice”.
Lauren Langlois, 2017

TLF is very pleased to see Lauren’s hard work come to fruition. We wish her all the very best for the next developments.


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