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Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
September 2021

Application announcement for Tanja Liedtke Fellowship will be made very soon!

Photo: Alice Heyward

adaStudio Berlin

"reinkommen" (July2021) von Sharón Mercado Nogales, ins Deutsche übersetzt von Auro Orso

Because I looked at my feet I saw my bright red shoe
I usually don’t use rings
but I can recognize the sensation of the warm metal around my finger
I could remember the uncomfortable feeling of my hand
I feel strange in this position
After 20 seconds I question the possibilities of my body.

Deutschlandstipendium at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst - Frankfurt

Professor Dieter Heitkamp and his team will select the candidate for the Deutschlandstipendium 2021/22 which will be announced later in October.

Joel Bray Choreographer in Residence at Chunky Move

News from Chunky Move director Antony Hamilton
but hope is the keyword!

I’m writing to update you in Joel’s upcoming work as Choreographer in Residence. Kristy would have previously informed you that there would be an opportunity in September to visit the studio to see his work Considerable Sexual Licence in rehearsal, but unfortunately this won’t be possible. The good news is Joel is still planning to present CSL at Brisbane Festival in September, however he has avoided coming to Melbourne after work undertaken at Darwin Festival, and will go directly to Brisbane Festival to avoid lockdowns and quarantine. It’s a shame for you and and for us to connect with Joel and his work, but as mentioned, the positive is that he is still having there opportunity to perform, and I think this is a better strategy than him coming back here to lockdown!

ADT - Tanja Liedtke Studio - ICC

Critical Conversations

This year, ADT’s International Centre for Choreography is hosting a series of blended in-person and online forums/discussions, the first of which was held here at The Odeon on June 3rd. This forum was titled “How Do We Value the Arts? – Looking Beyond the Metrics” presented by Dr Tully Barnett. He is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries at Flinders University; the discussion unpacked the balance and viewpoint as arts and culture is viewed more and more as a business to be weighed purely in terms of a panoply of metrics: audience numbers, box office income, KPIs, non- government income generation. How can artists reclaim the value of the arts and employ a vocabulary that speaks to the intrinsic value of the arts as human experience?
  • Over 30 people attended this event either in person or online via Zoom. The second of this year’s Critical Conversation Series was held July 8th as part of NAIDOC week. A panel of First Nations practitioners gathered at The Odeon to speak on their practices and recent work. The panel – from dance, theatre, community arts and activism arts – were invited to engage in a conversation about their processes, practices, collaboration, core values and critical issues. The panel included Nikki Ashby, Gina Rings, Caleena Sansbury and Adrianne Semmens.
  • Once again around 20 people attended in person
  • This event was not livestreamed but will be made public via the ADT website


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