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Tanja Liedtke Foundation

Newsletter – Tanja Liedtke Foundation
May 2022

Now we are back in Europe and before informing about our continuous work we want to take time to reflect on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This unfortunate event has generated human suffering on a scale that Europe had been previously spared for a long time.

We want to express our deepest sympathies with everybody who has been drawn into this conflict and suffers because of it. Our thoughts are with the many civilians and soldiers who have lost their lives and their family and friends, with the victims who have been hurt, the people who had their homes and livelihoods destroyed, and with the refugees who had to flee the regions in the Ukraine.

Left: Mariia Bakalo - I want to build bridges, Photo: Lisa Vlasenko. Right: Mariia Bakalo, Photo: Lisa Vlasenko

Vienna - danceWeb Scholarship 

We are glad to announce the support for Mariia Bakalo, a young lady coming from Ukraine. She will go to Vienna taking up the scholarship at danceWeb and visit the so much inspiring ImPuls Tanz Festival.
Mariia has worked in the „Pozytsia Program“ in Kyiv, further in a collaboration with young poets and composer Alisa Nesterova. She also was teaching in privat Dance Schools in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus and worked as a teacher of movement research lab at the local university of Lviv in 2015-2017.

Receiving the scholarship Mariia wrote:
“I am beyond measure grateful for the opportunity to take part in the danceWeb program and ImPulsTanz Festival. There is no doubts that all the insights, knowledge and those new approaches in art that I will gain while the Program, will contribute significantly in the future establishment of art in my country, as my only desire is to rebuild and shine with the new colors for Ukrainian choreography in future.
There are some photos in attachments with me, Mariia Bakalo, by the authorship of Lisa Vlasenko. Thank you again and my best regards”

We are sure she will use this opportunity well.

ICC Hannover, winner Sofia Nappi

Our winner of the International Choreography Competition Sofia Nappi had a very successful year. She had showings of her work “Dodi” in different theatres and will show her new Choreography “IMA” at the Colours Festival in Stuttgart on 1./2.07.2022
Now she will have the opportunity to present her next work in “SPIEL DES LEBENS” a trilogy at the Opernhaus Hannover as from March 2023.
Sofias production TAGADA will follow TILT from Goyo Montero, Artistic Director of Nürnberg and be followed by Marco Goecke, Artistic Director Hannover with WALK THE DEMON.

Eunbin Kim at HfMDK Frankfurt, Photo: Valentin Fanel

Deutschlandstipendium at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst

Our scholar Eunbin Kim at HfMDK Frankfurt had been very hard working beside the University course. She not only started to work at the dance company in Pforzheim she also took up the opportunity to dance at Tanzmainz Festival in the creation „Ikarus“ created by Felix Berner. We are convinced that Eunbin will have a bright future.

Image: chunkymove.com/works/garabari/, Photo: Jeff Busby

Residence at Chunky Move

We are pleased that Joel Bray, the resident at Chunky Move has completed his work GARABARI. It will be shown in different theatres and is part of the Arts House‘s 2022 program starting later this year.
We wish Joel all the best for his future work as an artist and choreographer.

Students at ADT in Tanja Liedtke Studio

News from the Tanja Liedtke Studio at ADT

Jan-March 2022 Lina Limosani and Daniel Jaber embarked on their first collaborative venture - Projekt Moxie - developing this work in the Tanja Liedtke Studio. Four emerging artists have been selected to participate in the 10-week collaboration with Lina and Daniel.

What Daniel said of the support from TLF:
“Huge thanks to you for your continued support and advocacy for us here at ADT and our programs. Your generosity ensures we are able to support and provide resources to emerging choreographers and dancers here in Adelaide”.

Our next resident is Tobiah Booth-Remmers, 2022 Associate Artists. With the foundations support, he has been offered financial support, company-wide resources and assistance across the organisation as well as 12 weeks free development time in the Tanja Liedtke Studio. Using this time he will develop a brand new work titled ‘Primal Lunatics’ which will premiere on the 7th December as part of Cultivate. This is the final moment for audiences to connect with ADT this year.


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