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Critical Conversations

This year, ADT’s International Centre for Choreography is hosting a series of blended in-person and online forums/discussions, the first of which was held here at The Odeon on June 3rd. This forum was titled “How Do We Value the Arts? – Looking Beyond the Metrics” presented by Dr Tully Barnett. He is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Industries at Flinders University; the discussion unpacked the balance and viewpoint as arts and culture is viewed more and more as a business to be weighed purely in terms of a panoply of metrics: audience numbers, box office income, KPIs, non- government income generation. How can artists reclaim the value of the arts and employ a vocabulary that speaks to the intrinsic value of the arts as human experience?
  • Over 30 people attended this event either in person or online via Zoom. The second of this year’s Critical Conversation Series was held July 8th as part of NAIDOC week. A panel of First Nations practitioners gathered at The Odeon to speak on their practices and recent work. The panel – from dance, theatre, community arts and activism arts – were invited to engage in a conversation about their processes, practices, collaboration, core values and critical issues. The panel included Nikki Ashby, Gina Rings, Caleena Sansbury and Adrianne Semmens.
  • Once again around 20 people attended in person
  • This event was not livestreamed but will be made public via the ADT website
FLOW: Dance on Screen Series
Another exciting offering from ADT in 2021 is the FLOW: Dance on Screen Series being offered in partnership with Mercury CX. Held across two nights September 17th & 18th, this event brings the best new short international and Australasian dance films to the big screen. Two different programs both featuring a carefully curated selection of Australasian short films and international short films presented by the 2021 edition of Cinedans On Tour (the touring arm of the renowned Cinedans Fest in Amsterdam) will be showcased right here in Adelaide.
Each evening of FLOW will feature a program that includes two sessions of films, separated by an interval and a Q&A session with a special guest speaker.
FEAST Festival 2021
In continuing our relationship with Adelaide’s LGBTQI+ festival, ADT is presenting a panel discussion on November 13th Queer Performance as Resistance. The panel will be facilitated by Garry Stewart and speakers Mathew Bergan, the director of Dancing Warrior Yoga (Sydney), speaking on queer identity and healing, Emma Maye Gibson (Sydney) who engages her body as a medicinal site of performative catharsis and pleasure. Mandeep Raikhy, a choreographer based out of New Dehli, leads with the notion of queer intimacy as an embodied mode of political engagement. Speakers from Adelaide are Virginia Barratt a researcher, artist, writer and performer and dance-maker Daniel Jaber. Daniel is interested in the transmittance of energy between performer and audience to champion empathy, equality and self-reflection. He will share his passion for honest story-telling about connection, experience, desire and vulnerabilities through the visceral and kinetic.
Also as part of the Feast Festival is our workshop- Embodied Queer Sound Healing which is a physical movement and auditory experience offering a sacred and safe space for LGBTIQ+ people to connect and awaken to a deeper sense of identity and community. Facilitated by Mathew Bergan, from Dancing Warrior Yoga, and with a recorded sound score by Australian music legends, Paul Mac & Jonny Seymour.
More updates to follow on our ICC program happening in October -November