Joel Bray Choreographer in Residence at Chunky Move


News from Chunky Move director Antony Hamilton
but hope is the keyword!

I’m writing to update you in Joel’s upcoming work as Choreographer in Residence. Kristy would have previously informed you that there would be an opportunity in September to visit the studio to see his work Considerable Sexual Licence in rehearsal, but unfortunately this won’t be possible. The good news is Joel is still planning to present CSL at Brisbane Festival in September, however he has avoided coming to Melbourne after work undertaken at Darwin Festival, and will go directly to Brisbane Festival to avoid lockdowns and quarantine. It’s a shame for you and and for us to connect with Joel and his work, but as mentioned, the positive is that he is still having there opportunity to perform, and I think this is a better strategy than him coming back here to lockdown!
Just wanting to thank you again for your commitment to this program with. It has been a less than ideal year to ge the most out of this opportunity, and we really appreciate your commitment to seeing it through. Despite the challenges, Joel himself has had a most productive year, and certainly has had far more performance outings in 2020 than we have had with the rest of the company’s work (especially my work!). We have great enthusiasm and aspiration for the development and presentation of Joel’s major work Garabari next year, and look forward to his series of public workshops with us in November this year.
Warmest regards