Three weeks residency in Berlin spring 2021


As the artists are still not able to perform we want to support them preparing work for the future. Gabi Beier from adaStudio recommended Alice Heyward for a short residency in Berlin and we agreed to help. The residency recipient Alice wrote the following mail:

Thank you so very much for the generous opportunity to undergo a three week residency in Berlin this year!
In such disorienting times, this is an incredible opportunity for me to undergo a period of supported research and creation, making a big difference to my artistic process!
During this residency, I want to spend time learning how dance can be experienced by blind and deaf spectators, practicing AUSLAN and audio description. I will apply these practices to dances; my own choreography and the work of my peers. While live performance is barely possible, I wish to look deeply into practices of accessibility—to extend beyond this pandemic period—considering how the aesthetic experience of dance can extend beyond our dominant modes of perception.

Alice Heyward