inspiring dance workshops – QL2 in 2015

‚inspiring dance’ at QL2, Canberra

In September 2015, Kristina Chan and Amelia McQueen conducted 3 days of intensive workshops based around the repertoire of Tanja Liedtke, at QL2 Youth Dance. It is worth noting that the QL2 Studio was the site of the premiere of Tanja’s Twelfth Floor

The eighteen young artists, all newly graduated dance artists, were also shown the documentary Tanja – Life in Movement during the course of the workhsop.

This is the second year the workshops have been delivered to QL2.

„This workshop was so inspiring and it was such an amazing experience to work with Kristina and Amelia. Also, being able to see, learn, get involved and continue Tanja’s artistic legacy was such an honour.”
Natsuko Yonezawa