33. Choreography Competition Hannover – Ballettgesellschaft


Oscar Buthelezi with “Road” at 33. Choreography Competition Hannover, Photos: Ralf Mohr

Tanja Liedtke Foundation Residency: Since 2016 the Tanja Liedtke Foundation donated a three week’s scholarship at the Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide, Australia. This Price is awarded by Garry Stewart, Director of The Australian Dance Theatre. The residency includes travel costs, accomodation, and ADT tuition.

Garry Stewart chose South African choreographer Oscar Buthelezi for the Tanja Liedtke Foundation Residency with ADT. 
Oscar also won First Prize from the Jury and the Audience Choice Award.  He is very, very excited about coming to ADT. 

He told the audience that “Road” is about his journey with his father, who helped him to find his way through life and the piece is therefore dedicated to the many orphans in South Africa, who don’t have parents to guide them. 
Helmut Jochum, from Balettgesellschaft and Garry thanked the Foundation for supporting this residency. “It’s such an amazing opportunity for someone like Oscar”.

Winner of The 33.Choreography Competition is Oscar Buthelezi left of Garry Stewart from ADT,Photo: Garry Stewart