SOLITUDE 1 – Chunky Move and Tanja Liedtke Foundation


Chunky Move have announced the recipients of SOLITUDE 1, a funded research opportunity in partnership with the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

Congratulations to SOLITUDE 1 supported artists:
Atlanta Eke, Amber McCartney, Caroline Meaden, Dasha Tan, Geoffrey Watson, Harrison Hall, Jessica Matheson, Joel Bray, Jonathan Homsey, Lydia Connolly-Hiatt, Melanie Lane, and Nana Biluš-Abaffy.

COVID-19 has compelled Australian and international arts organisations to think differently about how they connect with the interdependent creative communities they are part of. In partnership with the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, Chunky Move has redesigned their 2020 program to facilitate artistic exploration within this newly complex social and spatial framework and provide urgent, paid creative opportunities for independent artists.

Solitude 1 is a new program initiative responding to these changed circumstance. Reflecting our commitment to creative plurality, Solitude 1 will provide funded creative research opportunities for 10 artists. The research undertaken as part of Solitude 1 will have the potential to be further realised as part of a new Chunky Move work, Secret Gardens. Featuring numerous small works, Secret Gardens is a major collaborative project that will be overseen by Chunky Move’s Artistic Director, Antony Hamilton, and developed collaboratively with the commissioned artists over the coming years.

“My connection with Tanja Liedtke goes back 20 years. As friends and colleagues, we shared an important formative time as emerging choreographers, and I remember very well Tanja’s formidable drive and passion for artistic creation. In her tragically brief career, Tanja’s artistic voice was bold, spirited and unforgettable. The Tanja Liedtke Foundation honours her important legacy as an artist who spoke for humanity, and for the issues we face in our lifetime. Chunky Move are proud to partner with the foundation in the spirit of Tanja’s committed pursuit for artistic expression. We are purposeful in shaping an opportunity for the artists of our time, to continue the work of reimagining dance.”
– Antony Hamilton, Artistic Director and co-CEO

For further information about Solitude 1 and to apply click here: