ADT – TANJA LIEDTKE STUDIO – 4.4.-14.4.2023


Residency – Ade Suharto 

Ade Suharto is an Adelaide-born artist of Indonesian heritage. Studying aspects of the Javanese dance canon in both Indonesia and Australia frames her interest in the complexity of lineage and the sustainability of the dancing body. Ade is a PICA Interdisciplinary Lab Artist (2021-2023), Pina Bausch Fellow in Dance and Choreography, Asialink Residency Artist, Darmasiswa Scholar and dance graduate of the University of Adelaide. Currently Ade is sharing practice with Alison Currie, in sustained conversation with Padmini Chettur, and in exchange with Geraldine Balcazar and Felecia Hick on being an artist-mother and the abundance of fragmented times Ade’s report.

Ade Suharto, Studio Shot by Sam Roberts

Ade Suharto, Photo: Sarah Friedland