2012 HfMDK Frankfurt

 Fanni Varga, student at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (HfMDK) to Australian Dance Theatre (ADT)

With the support of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, in partnership with Frankfurt’s HfMDK and Adelaide’s ADT, Hungarian born, Fanni Varga will take up an internship at Australian Dance Theatre in Adelaide this November. Following Paul White’s guest teaching engagement with HfMDK, Fanni became extremely inspired and interested in experiencing something of the Australian contemporary dance scene. After sending examples of her work and some discussion with Garry Stewart (ADT Director) and Elizabeth Old (Associate Director) she was invited to take up an internship with the company in November and December of this year.

After studying Economics and Business administration at the Andrassy György School in Hungary, Fanni embarked on the BA Dance Course at HfMDK in 2009. She is currently in her final year.


Marta Griffe and Nuria Fau

This year we had Nuria Fau and Marta Griffe Singla from Barcelona to participate in the dance lessons at the HfMDK in Frankfurt in Sept 2012. They were pleased to get this unique opportunity through the Tanja Liedtke Stiftung.

Paul White at HfMDK

Also in May of this year, Paul White returned again to the Frankfurt University Dance department to work with final year students in teaching and coaching a selection of excerpts of Tanja Liedtke’s construct.

The results of this work were performed as part of a student showcase at the Gallus Theater in Frankfurt and will also be included in the annual Tanzmarathon which is produced by HfMDK.