19. Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival, Stuttgart
– eine Hommage an Tanja Liedtke


The 2015 International Solo-Tanz-Theatre Festival, held annually in Stuttgart, Germany for the last 19 years is delighted to announce the winners for this year’s event.

In its 19th year, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation is again honored to provide financial support for the Festival. TLF has been the major sponsor for the event for the last 5 years. Solo-Tanz gives young dancers and choreographers the opportunity to present their work to a large audience and a jury of renowned dance directors and choreographers who determine the prize winners.  

The winners for 2015 are…..

1st prize choreography and 1st prize dance:
Jon Ole Olstad – And we Already Knew the names.

2nd Prize Choreography and dance video award
Tamar Grosz
 – I’m not a Jew, Israeli ……

3rd Prize Choreography:
Beatrice Panero
(danced by David Lukas Hemm)

2nd Prize Dance:
Martin Harriague

3rd Prize Dance:
Daphne van Dooren
- Before Time
(choreography by Miquel G. Font)


For more information please enter www.solo-tanz-theater.de

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