ImpulsTanz Vienna

 Rachell Bo Clark at ImPulsTanz Vienna

In August, TLF supported Rachell Bo Clarke, an Australian independent artist based in Berlin and Melbourne, to attend ImpulsTanz in Vienna as a dance WEB participant. Working with nearly 70 other young artists, Rachell spent 5 weeks experiencing the work of many of the worlds most innovative and adventurous dance makers – across disciplines, heritage and practice.

“I’m still feeling unable to fully process what I’ve just been through; what I’ve learnt, what I’ve taken from the many workshops and performances I experienced, and how to continue the amazingly strong bonds I built with the other 66 incredible and inspiring artists which shared this experience with me. After such a diverse range of artistic input I am now feeling vastly inspired and full of ideas, the task now is how and where to place them. I am enormously grateful to the Tanja Liedtke Foundation for co-financing my danceWEB scholarship. Thank you for allowing me to have this experience”.

Rachell Clarke, 2017