construct on stage in Heidelberg


construct on stage in Heidelberg/Germany on 01.03.2018

We want to thank ADT and all the most wonderful people involved to get construct on stage in Heidelberg/Germany.
It was not created to be a rehearsal work, but now it is a building block for dance history and we want to enjoy it as that.
We had full house, most guests stayed after the performance for the Q&A and than for the Documentary Tanja-Life in Movement.

Paul White said after the show:
“It was a great show in Heidelberg. I was so very grateful to have the chance to see the piece from the outside – something I NEVER had imagined!

… and I think they did a great job. I cried and laughed and felt many things during the show – which means it worked!
… and 6 bows of applause!! Who gets that?
… and it was a delight to work with those dancers and the crew.”

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