Tanja Liedtke Studio



Acknowledgement from ADT for Tanja Liedtke Foundation support 2019 and The Tanja Liedtke Studio

Thank you for your vision, passion and commitment to Australian Dance Theatre‘s International Centre for Choreography (ICC).
With the support of the Tanja Liedtke Foundation, ADT’s ICC supports the development of new choreographic work, encourages research and experimentation through workshops, cultural exchange, collaborations, discussion and artists residencies.
The ICC provides a supportive environment for artists to interrogate their own practice and take risks in developing dance that is powerful and progressive.

In 2019 the ICC was busy with many programmatic offerings and choreographic initiatives. Highlights from the year included:

  • The Tanja Liedtke Fellowship was awarded to Geoffrey Watson.
  • The Tanja Liedtke Foundation Residency was awarded to Oscar Buthelezi.
  • Garry Stewart, Ina Christel Johannessen and Antarctic researchers associated with South Australian Museum presented a forum at the Museum in conjunction with North/South.
  • Andrew Morris’s and Erin Fowler delivered workshops.
  • With a cast of 43, Rough Draft showcased the new work of 8 independent dance artists to a full house.
  • Cayleigh Davies, Felicity Boyd/Modus Collective, Poe-One, Ben-Hur, Alison Currie, Matt Shilcock, Daniel Jaber, Lewis Major, Gabrielle Nankivell, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Carlie Angel and Thomas Fonda all completed artist residencies or utilized Free Space in The Tanja Liedtke Studio to develop their practice.

Booth-Remmers, Carlie Angel and Thomas Fonda all completed artist residencies or utilized Free Space in The Tanja Liedtke Studio to develop their practice. 

We look forward to working with you in 2020, in our third year of partnership, and supporting a new cohort of talented dance artists to extend their practice and develop new work.

October – December 2019

“Alchemia Exteriores” – 12-14 August; and 19,20 September – Matt Shilcock (Artist in Residence)

Alchemia Exteriores is an exploration of the embodiment of imagery, iconography and symbology of philosophy, theology, psychology, politics and identity as they appear in texts throughout history from the renaissance to antiquity. In short, Alchemia Exteriores is a Da Vinci Code in dance.   

I had the huge pleasure of spending two days in the Tanja Liedtke Studio with company dancers Kimball Wong, Daniel Jaber, Harrison Elliot and Rowan Rossi. We engaged in in-depth discussions about intention, identities, somatic practices, and cross communications with the conscious and sub conscious minds; layering our mutual and conceptual understanding atop of choreography developed from a task in creating pictorial signatures.

As this process is still within its foetal stages, it was incredibly valuable to be able to share the exercise with a group of such experienced, receptive and talented artists that showed enthusiasm and openness to the work, asking and providing hugely constructive feedback to the process that affirms the validity of the practice, and provides me some great impetus to expand upon.

More info on Matt here – https://mattshilcock.com.

“Billy-Ray” – 23-27 September & 11,15,16 October – Daniel Jaber (Artist in Residence)

Daniel Jaber and Zoë Dunwoodie have been collaborating on a new durational performance art work titled ‘Billy-Ray’. The work is devised and directed by Daniel Jaber and performed by Zoë Dunwoodie with original sound by Belgian artist, Thomas Jeker. The work uses images and sculptural objects (a pile of dirt, a shower, a barricade of packaged compost) as clear metaphors for “clean” and “dirty”; to transpose complex internal dialogues surrounding guilt, shame and inevitably, self-awareness.

Daniel and Zoë have been specifically working on devising improvisational tasks, tools and techniques as a gateway to generating the choreographic contribution to the work. Working with an improvised choreographic system is a new challenge for Daniel and Zoë and the time they are spending at ADT has been invaluable in the researching and devising these modalities. The team wanted to create a highly-theatrical and immersive work of great clarity, driven by physicality – where all communication is delivered through the device of the body and is capable of expressing and engaging complex psychological and emotional states. The work is divided into 5 movements and will last approximately 5 hours in duration.

More info on Daniel here – https://danieljaber.com.

“SUE” – 28 August; 10-12 September; 27 September – Carlie Angel & the dance students of Adelaide College of the Arts

Carlie Angel needed a space to develop a flash mob styled dance work for Open Space Contemporary Arts.  This outdoor public art event called SUE – Series of Unexpected Events was commissioned by the City of Onkaparinga.  SUE is an arts festival of temporary encounters that will take place across 3 Sundays in October 2019, curated by Paul Gazzola.  The outcome was to provide a public presentation on the 6, 13 & 20 October and provide free workshops with the general public.

Creative practice – 1,2, 8 October – Lewis Major (Free space)

Personal professional development/own creative practice.

“IceBox” – 3 & 7 October – PoeOne

Internationally renowned breaker Poe Oneism hosted 2 free events ‘IceBox’.
Supported by ADT’s ICC, IceBox is an open practice for breakers/hip-hop dancers of all ages to train and enjoy the vibe.

Training – 11 August & 1 October – Thomas Fonua (Free space)

Thomas helped choreograph and train a group of dancers for a community drag performance.

Development – 21 October – 1 November – Narelle and Marlo Benjamin

Development of a new work.