Digital Space


We will support several projects to give young artists a chance to make the best out of it. Here the first one:

Festival for Contemporary Dance Students and Alumni @ adaStudio Berlin partnered by Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

Dancing through Times of Physical Distancing

A.PART – the festival for Berlin dance students and alumni – will take place in 2020 in the digital space.

On this blog, the invited artists and groups of artists are posting content about their pieces in process – and thus send a signal that their creative work is influenced, changed, accelerated or decelerated by the current global crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, but not interrupted.

Here a space is created in which artistic working is made transparent; in which it is less about the finished product or a final event than about the inner dialogue with a developing idea; in which new formats of making visible and sharing are tried out.

This is also where a digital memory is created, a contemporary document of an exceptional social situation and its impact on an art form (and on the people who practice it).

What is performing art without the physical presence of performers and audience?
What is the art of the acute without physical proximity, haptic experience, dirty material, unforeseen mishaps, the fleeting nature of the moment? Streaming, posting, uploading, zooming cannot replace smelling, touching, breathing. That is not the intention here either. At this point, it’s about defiantly carrying on regardless. About nevertheless continuing communication. In other words: about survival. The medium Internet does not take us, but we take it – and we take it as dirty material.

We are venturing a thoroughly chaotic experiment. Take a look!